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RefWiz V6.0
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In order to effectively manage your IT environment you need a more reliable way to analyze, inventory and cross-reference your mainframe applications.

RefWiz is a powerful analysis and documentation tool that is helpful for numerous project management and development tasks. RefWiz gathers together, inventories, analyzes and cross-references all related information about batch and online applications into one place, in an easy to access format. Analysis time is greatly reduced and accuracy is dramatically improved.

  • Accelerate maintenance and analysis time

  • Quickly locate potential problems and reduce errors

  • Complete new projects and implement conversions faster

  • Identify obsolete Jobs, Procs, etc.

  • Meet audit requirements with confidence

Now your new and replacement personnel can get on board quicker, and your application maintenance/development, conversion projects and audits can be managed more reliably than ever before -- with significantly reduced costs.

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