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Your organization needs to manage and distribute thousands of reports to an unlimited number of devices and locations. And, with today's constantly changing IT infrastructure, it’s even more critical that your mainframe print management and report distribution strategy be adaptable, flexible, and cost-effective.

How does your current method stack up?

ROPES (Remote Online Print Executive System) is the CICS print spooling and transmission software that meets the needs of today’s organization, so you can confidently and effectively distribute your mainframe-generated documents regardless of changes to your environment.

Meeting Your Report Printing and Distribution Needs
Perhaps you are familiar with ROPES, a product that for years has been a mainstay for the report printing and distribution needs of the CICS user community. ROPES provides complete facilities for generating, retrieving, browsing, distributing and printing reports from online transactions, batch jobs, or the operating system spool. Its versatile set of capabilities allows you to place report data on the ROPES queue concurrent with online printing operations. A comprehensive command structure allows any authorized terminal operator to effectively control ROPES, eliminating the need for dedicated control terminals.

Our Customers Are Our Top Priority
As our customer requirements change, we continually extend the scope of ROPES’ functionality to meet demands driven by ever-changing business processes. Over the last several years, ROPES has evolved to address the popular TCP/IP network protocol, in turn helping our customers improve efficiency and control operating costs associated with high-volume printing. This dedication to improvement has helped make ROPES one of the most robust output systems available today.

Some of our ROPES customers include:

Alticor, Inc.
Auto Owners Insurance
Canadair (Bombardier Aerospace)
Canadian National Railway
Consumers Energy Company
Economical Mutual Insurance
Fisher Scientific Company
Keyspan Energy
L-3 Communications
Munich Reinsurance America
NYS Comptroller Audit and Control
Royal Bank of Canada
Salt River Project
Sony Corporation of America
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Inc.
U.S. Department of Justice
Washington State University
Wells Fargo Bank N.A.

Get reacquainted with all that ROPES has to offer today and learn why it remains an integral part of the mainframe toolset of organizations all over the world.

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