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Document composition and distribution system for multiple platforms that creates and distributes digital documents

The LibertySoft™ document composition and distribution system is a multi-platform tool that enables you to create customized, graphically enhanced documents from your existing application output data, and use them on any platform as digital documents for printing, faxing,  e-mailing and archiving.

LibertySoft supports both new and existing applications without having to modify them in any way. It starts where these applications leave off - with their output data.

LibertySoft can be smoothly integrated into your varied hardware and software environments, and works with both your applications and ERP systems

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Features and Benefits:

  • Create Digital Documents Identical in Content for Print, Fax, E-mail or Archiving
  • Available for Windows, AS/400, and UNIX Platforms
  • Add Corporate Identity, Bar Codes, and More to your Documents without Changing Existing Applications or Data
  • Eliminate Pre-Printed Forms
  • Dynamic Integration of Customized Messages Into Standard Print Output (i.e. invoices) for End Users

LibertySoft Frequently Asked Questions

Is LibertySoft a Document Management System?

No, LibertySoft is a powerful Document composition and processing system. It allows you to create customized, graphically enhanced documents from your existing application output data, from any platform, and use them on any platform as digital documents for printing, faxing, e-mailing and archiving.

What platforms does LibertySoft run on?

LibertySoft is currently available for Windows NT/2000, AS/400, and Unix.

What types of applications does LibertySoft address?

LibertySoft produces thousands of different documents including business invoices, sales and purchase orders, order confirmations, time-and-attendance records, statistical reports, printed product labels with barcodes, and many more.

In addition, LibertySoft supports the inclusion of barcodes on all devices and media, including e-mail, fax and archive.

How does LibertySoft work?

LibertySoft allows you to create digital documents using your existing legacy applications and ERP systems. With LibertySoft, the application no longer has to format the data for multiple output devices. LibertySoft reformats the output in terms of design (such as the addition of graphics, barcodes, personalized marketing messages and more) and then sends it to your selected output device.

How does LibertySoft create and maintain documents?

LibertySoft uses unique Page Descriptions to specify the layout and presentation rules for data appearance. Page descriptions can be produced directly using an integrated scripting language, providing the complete flexibility of a procedural language. They are developed using LibertySoft's LS/Studio component, which includes a GUI designer, a language sensitive editor, debugging tools, and an output viewer.

LibertySoft intercepts print jobs and looks at the data to see if it has a Page Description is already defined. If so, it applies the layout defined in the Page Description, adding external resources such as forms and logos as necessary. It then generates the output for specified datastreams including print, email, fax, and archiving systems.

Where is the data captured for formatting and processing?

The LibertySoft interfaces automatically capture data from the sources concerned. Presentation data does not have to be converted into a specific data structure, stored in a particular database, nor does it have to be stored in a particular spooling system.

Do I have to do a lot of coding?

No, LibertySoft features a "drag and drop" graphical user interface called LS/Designer. Variable data (the original output data) is selected, dragged to a design window and placed where desired. You may format the data by changing fonts and point size, or adding shading, logos, barcodes, etc. Once the design is completed, it may be saved as a LibertySoft Page Description and reused as often as necessary.

What is unique about LibertySoft?

LibertySoft runs on a number of platforms, allowing a smooth integration into your heterogeneous hardware and software environments. This can generally be done without artificially rerouting output data to specific server platforms.

Unlike other products, LibertySoft's processing is based on the application's original output data - without changing the application in any way. For SAP R/3 output, it can post-process the output data in raw data format (RDI), ASCII line printer format, and can enrich preformatted documents (SAPGOF/OTF, SAP Generic Output Format) created from existing SAP scripts and ABAP programs. Other preformatted documents such as PDF (produced by J.D.Edwards OneWorld) for example, can also be processed and enriched by LibertySoft. Such enrichment includes the addition of barcodes, including multi-dimensional barcodes such as PDF417; creating designated copies; conditional adding of letterheads and footers; controlling mail post-processing; etc. XML-structured output data can also be converted into attractive documents for print on high-speed printers, or as digital documents (in PDF format) delivered to various archive systems.

The output drivers delivered with LibertySoft optimize output to use full device capabilities, reducing load on networks and improving output device speed. Output data formats include HP-PCL, PostScript Level 2, AFPDS, PDF and more.

When was LibertySoft released? Who is using the product?

The development of the LibertySoft product line began in 1988. Today, more than 300 companies in industries such as automotive, financial, retail, food and beverage, airline, utility, chemical, and pharmaceutical use LibertySoft to produce their enhanced internal and external documents.

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