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Your key to mainframe performance tuning and precise capacity planning

PILOT™ products are designed for overall performance tuning and capacity planning. The product components consist of PILOT/CICS, PILOT/MVS and PILOT/SMF. PILOT/SMF is available as a stand-alone product. See below for more information on each specific PILOT product.


PILOT/SMF provides special modules to clean up, archive and format SMF records for better data management. It provides integrity by recovering from system 002 abends, and prints these bad records to an exception file. PILOT/SMF will delete duplicate records with a single keyword, ensuring that the data is always from the same system.


PILOT/CICS is a reporting, tracking, forecasting and modeling tool for CICS environments. PILOT/CICS formats mainframe data for transfer to the PC where it uses Lotus 1-2-3, or Excel to provide valuable information and "what-if" analysis. PILOT/CICS:

  • Tunes CICS by Identifying True Peak Periods
  • Tracks the Response Time and Paging Rate
  • Builds Simulations of Current and Future Systems
  • Cost-justifies Future Equipment Purchases

In addition, produces reports that allow you to quickly diagnose and resolve problems, and reduces the drain on mainframe resources required to process and analyze performance and capacity management data.


PILOT/MVS provides z/OS and OS/390 environments not currently running WLM in Goal Mode with analysis, tracking and forecasting capability. PILOT/MVS does support WLM in Compatibility Mode. It formats mainframe data for transfer and analysis on the PC, while enabling the user to model "what-if" scenarios. PILOT/MVS allows DP shops to:

  • Identify System Bottlenecks
  • Reduce Drain on Mainframe Resources Required to Process and Analyze Performance and Capacity Management Data
  • Cost-Justify Future Equipment Purchases


Requires One of the Following MVS Versions With Either JES2 or JES3:

  • MVS/ESA V5
  • OS/390
  • z/OS

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