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Axios Products, Inc. Announces Launch of Mainframe Application Analysis Software for Application Maintenance, Development, Conversion, and Audits

COMMACK, NY, September 10, 2008 -- Axios Products, Inc. recently announced the availability of RefWiz™, a powerful analysis and documentation tool that provides, in one place, comprehensive information about application element interrelationships for mainframe batch and online applications, including accumulated schedule and change histories.  RefWiz significantly improves upon “traditional” manual analysis by providing these details in a fraction of the time, reducing analysis time and increasing the accuracy of analysis that is performed.  Projects can be completed much more quickly, at a lower cost, and with fewer problems to address later.  

RefWiz gathers information from JCL, source code and database definitions to build application inventories that capture the interrelationships between different elements such as jobs, procedures, control card members, programs, data sets and databases.  Additional information is collected from the system for both batch and online execution history to further enrich the data.  RefWiz also collects data from SMF records, scheduling and change management tools and integrates it into a repository, providing access to accumulated change and usage histories. 

“With more than 30 years in business, we’re constantly focused on the needs of our customers so we can best assist with their productivity,” says Gary DiPillo, Chief Technical Officer of Axios Products, Inc.  “Currently, we’ve found that many companies who are migrating applications to other platforms, for example, find it challenging to keep their remaining processing uncompromised.  For such projects, it’s critical to have an accurate assessment of the application infrastructure so that application failures and other production problems can be prevented.  RefWiz was designed to show mainframe users what they could not see before – a greater depth of information about batch and online applications and their interrelationships – much better than manual efforts could ever provide, and in minutes as opposed to days or weeks.”

RefWiz users have seen considerable time and cost reductions in their conversion, migration, and consolidation projects.  The product is also important when addressing audits, new application development, mergers, upgrades, operations management, and disaster recovery.

RefWiz runs under all versions of z/OS. 

About Axios
Axios Products, Inc., is a privately held company based in Commack, New York.  Established in 1976, Axios develops, distributes, and supports mainframe performance enhancement and management software for z/OS, OS/390 and MVS environments.


Rachel Rodriguez, Axios Products, Inc., (631) 864-3666 rachel_rodriguez@axiosproducts.com

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