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NewROPES™ Version 17New

ROPES V17 is available for any new installation or trial. An upgrade kit is available and will allow all existing accounts running ROPES V9 or higher to migrate from their current release to Version 17. Please see ROPES Downloads in the Support section. Note: migration from earlier ROPES versions is supported, but requires a more complex process (detailed in the ROPES Version 17 Conversion Guidelines manual).

For a complete listing of new features and enhancements, click here.

Mainframe Application Analysis Software Assures
Completeness of Analysis and Auditing Projects

We recently launched RefWiz® History, an analysis tool that identifies active jobs and programs in the mainframe environment, critical for your conversion, migration, consolidation, and audit projects. RefWiz History saves valuable analysis time and assures that your analysis and auditing processes are more complete. It is a standalone component of the RefWiz® application analysis product suite.

Click here to read the full press release.

Mainframe Application Analysis Software Announced

RefWiz®, the new analysis and documentation tool that provides, in one place, comprehensive information about application element interrelationships for mainframe batch and online applications, is now available.  RefWiz significantly improves upon “traditional” manual analysis by providing these details in a fraction of the time, reducing analysis time and increasing the accuracy of analysis that is performed.  Projects can be completed much more quickly, at a lower cost, and with fewer problems to address later.  

Click here to read the full press release.

SmartProduction®  Version 4.7.0

SmartProduction V4.7.0 is available. Click here for a complete list of SmartProduction enhancements.

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