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Product Compatibility Information (Last Updated: 2015/04/27) Updates

All of our products operate in these hardware and software environments, but may not exploit all of their features.

Supported Hardware
Operating Systems

any hardware configuration supported by MVS/ESA V5, OS/390 and z/OS

MVS/ESA V5 with JES2 or JES3 (all releases)

Disk Storage
any disk device supported by the operating system, including EAV
OS/390 with JES2 or JES3 (all versions and releases)

Tape Drive
any tape device supported by the operating system
z/OS with JES2 or JES3 (all versions and releases)

In addition, individual products have additional requirements or capabilities as described below.

SmartProduction ROPES PILOT



The SmartProduction base product requires:

  • One of the Following MVS Versions With Either JES2 or JES3:

    - OS/390
    - z/OS (all versions)

  • ISPF Version 2 or Above

  • TSO/E Version 1 Release 3 or Above

Also, the following SMF record types are required for minimal operation: 14, 15, 30 (subtypes 4 and 5) and 64. In addition, SmartProduction will use the following record types if available: 16 (DFSORT), 17, 18, 61, 62, 64, 65, 72 (subtype 3) and 77, 92 (subtype 11), 118, 119, DFSMShsm FSR records, CA-XCOM (default 192) and the SyncSort SMF type (default 208), which you may specify at installation time.

The SmartProduction DB2 Optional Component requires SMF record type 101 DB2 Accounting Class 1 records for minimal operation. In addition, SmartProduction will use the following record types if available: 101 DB2 Accounting Class 2 and 3, 102 DB2 Performance Class 9 IFCID 95 and 96.

SmartProduction is EAV compatible and the Job History can be loaded on an EAV.

All levels of SmartProduction for DB2 are compatible with DB2 through release 9. DB2 V10 requires SmartProduction V5.1.0 or higher.

NewzOS V2.1 defaults LCCA and PCCA to VIRTUAL31. To be compatible with this default you must run SmartProduction V4.8.0 or higher or move the control blocks to VIRTUAL24.


ROPES requires CICS and is compatible with CICS/MVS 2.1.2, CICS/XA (V3 all releases), CICS/ESA (V4 all releases) and CICS/TS (V1, V2, V3, V4 and V5, all releases). There are some level dependencies, specifically in the supplied Task Control or VTAM Task Attach User Exit, provided in three versions (ROPEKCRQ for CICS 3 and below, ROPEZC41 for CICS 4 and ROPEZCRQ for CICS TS), and the language-specific copy books.

The ROPES Web Interface (intr
oduced in Version 15) requires CICS TS 3.1 or higher.

ROPES support for COBOL applies to all versions and levels of COBOL, including COBOL VS, COBOL II and COBOL for MVS and VM (LE COBOL). The preprocessed copy books provided with ROPES (for use with CICS TS 2.3 using the COBOL3 option) may need reprocessing under the following conditions: 1) you run a different level and/or change CICS levels after installation; 2) you change COBOL versions; or 3) you change COBOL LE levels. We have provided a member in the ROPES.COBLIB library called OBOOKSIN. You can edit and run this job to upgrade your ROPES COBOL copy books whenever one of these conditions occurs. The most common symptoms are compilation errors.

OS/390 2.10 and z/OS users of SMTP please note: you may need to apply the fix for APAR PQ55433 and/or UQ61702 to correct a problem in SMTP that will cause the ROPES SMTP printer it to appear to "hang."

ROPES V17.0 is IPv6 capable and has been tested with an EAV.

ROPES is compatible with CICS through TS 5.5 and with z/OS through V2.5.


PILOT/MVS does not support Workload Manager in Goal mode at this time.
This restriction does not apply to PILOT/SMF-only customers.


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